Why Stand Up?


WE BELIEVE IT IS TIME FOR CONGRESS TO STAND UP FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL. We're calling on sitting members of Congress and anyone running for Congress to go on video pledging to stand up for Medicare for All in any public appearances and statements addressing our country's healthcare crisis.

2 out of 3

Americans support Medicare for All.


Dollars the average American family would save in the Medicare for All system PER YEAR.


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BECAUSE OF YOUR PRESSURE, 43 members of Congress decided to co-sponsor Conyers' house bill for Medicare for All. But as the health care debate rages, many of these same co-sponsors have publicly been advocating for half-measures like increasing subsidies for insurance companies or simply playing defense against Medicaid cuts. These congresspeople are silently backing Medicare for All just as a weak political move to cover their bases.


America's health outcomes worldwide ranking. The WORST of any developed country.


America's ranking in health care spending worldwide.

Watch the Pledges
Standing Up
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Candidate NY-14

"Together we can make single payer a reality in America."

Standing Up
Paul Perry
Candidate PA-07

"My family experienced firsthand what it's like to live in a system that puts profits over people."

Standing Up
Robb Ryerse
Candidate AR-03

"Medicare for All is good for small businesses, it's good for entrepreneurs, and that means it's good for job growth in our country."

Standing Up
Chardo Richardson
Candidate FL-07

"We need a system like Medicare for All, where every American is covered."

Standing Up
Sarah Smith
Candidate WA-09

"You never know what somebody else is going through, but the one thing they shouldn't be struggling with is whether or not to go to the doctor."

Standing Up
Adrienne Bell
Candidate TX-14
Standing Up
Congressman Ro Khanna
Incumbent CA-17
Standing Up
Congressman John Conyers Jr.
Incumbent MI-13
Standing Up
Jim Walz
Candidate IL-14
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